1. Showboat app for iPad listed on Instagrammers


  2. Showboat app for iPad featured on CanvasDirect.com

    "The most cost/time efficient scrapbooking option on the market."

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  3. AppsOnTap: “It’s just like having your own virtual coffee table book. 4 out of 5 stars”

    "Flipping through the album pages is a lot of fun and it’s a great way to share those precious memories with friends and family members."

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  4. Showboat is Featured in fotografuj.pl News

    "With this interesting application, we can easily show your pictures in an elegant album, which sees a full screen in a slideshow."

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  5. Showboat app listed on PadGadget


  6. Showboat app is featured on PhotographyBLOG

    PhotographyBLOG writes: “Showboat is a new scrapbook app for the Apple iPad. The easy-to-use program creates a double-page portrait photo album, a single page landscape photo album as well as a full-screen slideshow album - all at once.”

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  7. Showboat as a language learning tool

    …I was just contacted by a Spanish teacher.

    She is using Showboat to teach Spanish to middle school and high school students.

    Showboat albums will include pictures with hints or questions on the front and the student is supposed to tell her the answer in real time or when studying.

    When the student double taps the photo to reveal the card, it gives them the correct answer so that they know if they were right or wrong.

  8. Showboat Reaches #31 in the App Store in 2 Days

  9. AppAdvice Creates A Shopping Wishlist Scrapbook with Showboat

    AppAdvice Writes: “Showboat is an ideal app for keeping all your photos organized. Whether you need to keep images categorized for work or just for fun, this easy-to-use app gets the job done. So grab your iPad and get started creating beautiful albums.”

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